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Professional Bicycle Service in Newcastle upon Tyne provided by a Cytech qualified mechanic

  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Bike builds
  • wheel building and truing
  • Retro bike restoration
  • Bike maintenance courses
  • Insurance inspection & quotes
  • Free technical advice
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Bike mechanic for hire


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Basic Service

This service provides a basic check up that includes checking and inflating tyres, adjusting brakes, gears and headset. Tightening all relevant bolts to recommended torque settings. A safety check is also carried to identify any worn parts or areas of concern.


Full Service

This is complete and full service that involves stripping your bike down to the frame. The frame and parts are then thoroughly cleaned and degreased before rebuilding the bike. During this process all mechanical brake and gear cables are replaced. Where applicable, the wheel hubs, headset and bottom bracket are also serviced. The wheels will be tensioned and trued. Any worn parts can be replaced during this service.

All prices are exclusive of replacement parts.


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Di2 servicing£30

Di2 diagnostics and customisation£30

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EPS servicing£30

Bike Build

bike assembling£40

bike build£100

tt/di2 bike build£120

Brakes (V/Caliper)

Brakes Service/Adjustment (F/R)£15

Brake Service/Adjustment (Each)£8

Brake Fitting+Adjustment (Each)£15

Brake Replacement (Each)£18

Brakes (Disc)

Disc Brake Bleeding (Each)£15

Brake Fitting and Bleed (Each)£20

Brake Replacement (Each)£25

Caliper Adjustment£8

Rotor Fitting£6

Rotor Straighten£6

Rotor Replacement£10


Gears Service/Adjustment (F/R)£15

Gear Service/Adjustment (Each)£8

Gear Cable Fitting and Adjustment (Each)£15

Gear Shifter Fitting (Each)£18

Gear Hanger Straighten and Gear Adjustment£15

Gear Hanger Replacement and Gear Adjustment£15


Fit Chain£8

Replace Fitted Chain£10

Fit Chainset£15

Fit Chainset+Bb£25

Replace Fitted Chainset£18

Replace Chainring£18

Fit Left Hand Crank£8

Replace Left Hand Crank£10

Fit Freewheel£10

Replace Freewheel£12

Fit Or Remove Cassette£10

Replace Fitted Cassette£12

Fit Mech W/Gear Adjustment (Each)£15

Bottom Bracket

Fit Bottom Bracket£15

Remove Bottom Bracket£10

Replace Bottom Bracket£20

Remove Siezed Bottom Bracket£30

Face Bottom Bracket Shell£15

Retapping Bottom Bracket Shell£10


Wheel Build£30

Wheel Rebuild (Rim/Hub/Spokes Replacement)£40

Wheel True and Tension£12

Spoke Replacement + Wheel True (Front)£15

Spoke Replacement + Wheel True (Rear)£18

(Excluding Parts)


Hub Front Service£10

Hub Rear Service£18

Freehub Body Replacement£20

Freehub Body Service£25

Tyres and Inner Tubes

Inner Tube/Tyre Fitting/Replacement£6

Tube Replacement (Incl.New Tube)£10

Tubeless Tyre Fitting£8

Tubular Tyre Fitting£15

Tubular Tyre Replacement£20-£25


Headset Adjustment£8

Headset Fitting£15

Headset Replacement£25

Headset Service£18


Fork Steerer Cutting£10

Fork Fitting (Incl. Steerer Cut)£30

Fork and Headset Fitting£40


Fit Handlebar Tape£10

Fit Handlebar£8

Fit Grips£6

Replace Fitted Grips£8

Fit Bar Ends£8

Fit Mudguards Full Length£15

Fit Mudguards Seatpost£8

Fit Pedals£6

Replace Fitted Pedals£8

Mechanic for hire

Dr Bike sessions (up to 4 hours)£120

Full day£150

Weekend event (two full days)£300

Extra mechanic£80


Basic Maintenance Course


One-on-one sessions only

Time: 10am–12pm

Duration: 2 hours

Tea and coffee included

Dates flexible

This course is designed for beginners who have little or no knowledge about bicycle maintenance. On the course you will:

Learn the correct names for the parts of a bike

Learn about tyre pressure and wheel sizes

Remove and replace your wheels correctly

Remove and replace tyres without causing a puncture

Fit a new inner tube

How to tell if your brake blocks need replacing

Learn how to replace your brake blocks

Learn how to clean and lubricate transmission components

Advanced Maintenance Course


One-on-one sessions only

Time: 10am–4pm

Duration: 6 hours

Lunch included (break time: 20mins)

Dates flexible

On this course you will strip your bike down and rebuild it under a supervision of experienced and qualified bike mechanic. You will learn about:

Headsets – how to strip down, clean and rebuild

Bottom brackets – removal and servicing

Remove and replace your wheels correctly

Cassettes/Freewheels – how to remove and replace, check for wear

Chains – split and rejoin, replace, check for wear

Front/Rear derailleur – functionality, adjustment

Chainset- how to remove and check for wear

Wheel bearings - strip and grease cup and cone hubs


Mario Ilewicz

My name is Mario and I am a fully qualified Cytech bicycle mechanic with 20 years technical experience in the cycling industry. As a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced mechanic I build, fit and assemble all types of bicycles in accordance with each customer's specification.

Using my bicycle and engineering interests and a wide understanding gained by working for a number of different bicycle shops I approach each customer and their bicycle with the greatest care and attention to detail. I am a keen cyclist myself and have completed many race and tour challenges. I constantly seek new adventures as I continue to experience the joy of mountain biking.

BikeServe is not only about repairing bicycles. It provides me with the means of expressing my personality and what I love to do. It allows me to fulfil my passion for bicycles, cycling and expanding my technical knowledge, in cycling technology changes very quickly!

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Dave Anderson's testimonial

Dave Anderson

Marius has an outstanding reputation with the core of road cyclists in the region. This is well earned. He has been building bikes for Azione since the early days. There have never been any issues. Our customers appreciate his care and quality of his work. So do we!

An experienced engineer, with years in the trade, makes Mariusz the finest bike builder for our customer's bike builds. Locally, many riders demand his services alone. His friendship comes for free.

Dave Anderson | Azione

Colin Blake's testimonial

Colin Blake

After 35 years of biking I may still not care about the intricacies of what gear ratios I am running, or where I can shave off an extra gram or two, or worry about whether that deep rim will make me go three tenths of a second faster - but I do care about how my bikes run. Lance Armstrong said it was not about the bike. Lance, you were so wrong on many fronts but especially that one. For me it is definitely ALL about the bike and like me, if you need your bike to run super sweet and super true Mariusz is your man. If honesty and reliability is important to you, then Mariusz will deliver every time. If it's expert advice based on years of experience in the cycle trade, then Mariusz is there to help you, absolutely no strings attached. Oh and by the way, he is a pretty good mechanic to boot! Give him a go, you won't regret it or I will eat my bottom bracket!.

Colin Blake

Mark Elliot's bicycle

Marius has sorted not one but two bikes for me. The first was a new build: beautifully done, handled like a dream from the off and needed not one adjustment after. Superb. In a way though, the other rebuild on my winter bike was even better. For some reason unknown to me or others, and nothing we could put a finger on, the gears never quite worked perfectly.

Something minute, some subtle adjustment either I couldn't describe or the previous mechanics didn't quite get. But Marius sorted it: result, a bike as every bit as beautifully performing as the summer bike he'd done from scratch. Brilliant!

Mark Elliot

Bikeserve testimonial

When you get impeccable technical ability, knowledge and qualification, with exceptional trustworthiness, then add promptness too, you get the perfect mix.

I would happily recommend Marius's work to anyone.

Peter M Thompson

Bikeserve testimonial

I am a cycling coach and have been cycling for many years, during which time I have had a most diverse range of experiences with bikeshop mechanics…some OK, some downright terrible. I had never found a consistently good bike mechanic until by chance I happened to have some work done by Mariusz when I had decided to try a different cycle shop for my varied requirements. Given my previous experiences I entrusted my bike to this hitherto unknown mechanic with limited expectations but I’m delighted to say those expectations were greatly exceeded. Since my first experience of Mariusz’ work I have had a wide range of work performed from simple adjustments, services, to complete rebuilds, all of this work has been performed to the highest standards. The care and attention to detail Mariusz showed when working on my various bikes was and has been very impressive. I decided some while ago that whenever possible I will have any required work performed on my bikes by Mariusz as I have always found his work to be of the highest standard and importantly I have found him to be utterly reliable, honest and straightforward to deal with. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mariusz to anyone as a bike mechanic and I sincerely hope that he will be able to maintain my bikes for years to come, though I expect that he will become increasingly busy!

name and address supplied

Craig Gabbatiss' bike

If you have ever been privileged enough to witness Mariusz at work, you might have had the same sense of awe that I experienced whilst watching him at work. He is so in tune with the machine, that his abilities seem almost superhuman. A few spins of the crank, a few revolutions of the wheel and he knows what needs to be done. Mariusz can occasionally be found helping at the Cycle Hub on Newcastle Quayside where the Cognoscenti go to have him mend, tend and repair their prized possessions. I truly wish Mariusz well in his new journey and am indebted to him for sharing knowledge and his time with me. No book can give you the skills that this man has and I often refer to him as a Wizard.

Craig Gabbatiss